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Welcome to Automatic Pink's Web Page! Rock Out!Automatic Pink is Aimee (guitars and vocals),Courtney (guitars and vocals), Charlotte (bass and vocals),and our newest member Bandon on Drums! Check us out.
Automatic Pink's NEWS
Automatic Pink has one demo CD out now. 7 tracks for five bucks.The recording was actually done in Early 2000, but it is all we have for now! A lot has been changing with us, we are now on our fifth drummer! We have opened for lots of fun bands in the last year, NOFX, Dee Dee Ramone, Barbara Manning and the Go luckys!, Groovie Ghoulies, and Kanary, just to name a few. Hopefully we can tour as soon as we get a VAN! But we will keep you posted!

Don't you wish you were that bumper car!

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Want to Hear Us?
We have one demo CD out, "Tigers blood rock'n'roll suicide". You can send us .00 and we'll send you one, or you can send us a blank tape and we'll record it for ya! Email us for more info.
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